Ignoring capsules

I have started back doing banquets for my former golf course job this week.  It requires ‘black and whites’ – a uniform of white shirt and black trousers with black shoes.  Pretty simple.  And usually items most people having lying around, if not in abundance, in their closets.  I’m obviously not most people, as I have barely 2 of any of these in my closet.

Well, I have, for a long time now, been making do with second rate items.  See, I would do banquets only occasionally before.  Every other weekend maybe.  Before, I didn’t notice too much if I had to tug down a too short shirt or if those sneakers rubbed my left ankle a bit too much after 5 hours, etc.  Right now it’s my main gig, not a side job.  3 nights in a row this week.  And the ways in which my uniforms are lacking is becoming very apparent.

I have been caught ignoring a small, but important, capsule in my wardrobe.  Let’s face it – some things just aren’t as fun to buy.  Socks and under layers come to mind lol.  Much more exciting to buy a new jacket!  But there is no denying we need those more boring items, too.
I needed better banquet uniform wear, but continued to ignore it.  I figured I could get by on demoted older items and others where the fit was not quite good enough for my regular closet rotation.  It’s now biting me in the ass.

I didn’t completely ignore the need to upgrade when I learned I’d gotten my old position back two weeks ago.  I did have some new pants on order but had to exchange the size.  Still awaiting the replacement pair.  Shoes are going to need a more immediate fix.

The lesson is to be a bit preemptive with the not so exciting but oh so necessary capsules in your closet.  Funeral wear?  Who wants to be looking for the appropriate outfit when you’re grieving and on a time crunch?   Great beach getaway in the middle of a snowy winter?  Where are you going to find a bikini in January?  Planning ahead just a little, in anticipation of life’s likely events and related closet needs, can make things all that much easier.

So don’t ignore the needs in favor of shopping for the wants.  It’s one thing to want to wear a trendy new look to have coffee with a friend, and not have what you want, wearing a favorite standby look instead.  It’s another, when you truly need a certain outfit for a life event and don’t have it.  No ‘fallback’ look there will do the trick.  Some capsules are just necessary.  Period.


2 thoughts on “Ignoring capsules

  1. Great point.
    A well managed wardrobe serves it’s owner. An unexpected event/invitation/interview shouldn’t catch you standing in front of that packed closet says, “I don’t have anything to wear.”
    One has to be realistic, if you’ve never been to a Black Tie event in your entire life maybe you don’t need 3 suitable dresses hogging space in your closet, but could have something that could be dressed up and worn in a pinch.
    Being ready for opportunity helps us take advantage of it.


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