Date Night

I thought I’d share some fancier date night looks with some wardrobe pets.  Because, well, any girl who loves clothes likes to dress up on occasion, too!  I’m not always in casual, running errands, looks 😉

The pieces:

[WHOOPS!  A scheduled post I forgot.  And since I have not worn that outfit out of the house yet (something came up) I have no pic of it to share.  Sincere apologies.  As you know, I won’t ‘prop’ up a shot just to post it here so I guess we are all going to have to wait until my date night happens and I put this on for it!  Hopefully this weekend, and I will update with a pic accordingly.  I blame the holiday lol.]

I instead wore a more casual version out for a bite to eat last night, very low key.  I will wear that great coat soon, though!  🙂

And a recent throwback date night look from last month, when BF and I celebrated 13 year anniversary of our fist date.  I did not get a pic with the jacket on.

The pieces:

The outfit:



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