The Point . . .

Of counting how many items I own in every clothing category, and creating shopping plans, and taking pictures of what I wear – is not to obsess over my wardrobe.  The point is to wear what I have and buy what I will wear.  No more.  No less.


Sign hanging in my closet.

I think of it similarly to grocery shopping.  When I hit the market, I don’t buy extra food I don’t need or won’t eat simply because it looks tasty!  The same should be said for our clothing.  Why buy it if we don’t need it and ultimately won’t use it?  Likewise, why tell myself I shouldn’t buy eggs this week if I know I eat one every morning?  Silly, right?  Well, some minimalist ideals can get this way when it comes to our closets.

Hopefully we grocery shop with a bit of a plan about what we’re going to do with the food.  We think in meals or recipes.  So should we when clothes shopping – think of outfits and ensembles and capsules.  Essentially, how am I going to use this ____ (skirt, flour, belt, eggplant).

For me, that is the whole point – wearing what I have already bought that is hanging there (or getting rid of it if it was truly a mistake) and trying to purchase wisely so that what I bring in new, I’m sure to wear.  The counting, the budget, all of it, is a means to an end.  This end – A closet full of clothes I actually wear.


2 thoughts on “The Point . . .

    • Yeah, when you think about it that way, you wouldn’t stock your fridge with caviar and Dom Perignon, and yet we often put silk cocktail dresses and towering heels into our closets that don’t get worn. But they were so preeetttty. lol


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