One of those ‘must have’ list items

So, confession, I do own a select few of those traditional ’10 items every woman should own’.  VERY few.  A white button front being one of them.  And, no I don’t wear it much.  But when I do need it, I’m so glad it’s there.  Mainly I use it in my employment seeking capsule.

white button front

That said, it’s not the basic, boxy (what I think of as a Martha Stewart) shirt.  I got the Express Essential and sized down (I fall between 2 sizes) for a more tailored fit.  It has princess seams and skims right over the figure.  The open neck feels less conservative and constrictive to me, as well.  I topped it with a snakeskin jacquard blazer, coincidentally also by Express.  Weather was a rainy, wintry mix with plenty of wind, so the weatherproof Santana Canada riding boots came out.  Free People wine corduroys.


No, I did not get the TJ Maxx job 😦  But I threw my hat in some other rings while I was out following up on it.  And I do have the banquets coming up next month.  That’s at least something.  I admit it’s hard getting rejected at midlife when I’m trying to switch my career path, but onward and upward.

I wear this shirt less than twice a year on average but it does fill a hole.  Do you have any ‘must have’ items that are not really your style but you need nonetheless?  Did you do your best to find your version of them?  Or just figure it’s a need and not a want, and not bother to try and find one that makes you at least a little happy?


4 thoughts on “One of those ‘must have’ list items

  1. I was thinking exactly this the other day. I have a pair of ballet flats with a tiny wedge. They were in my purge pile (to the local charity thrift shop). But I decided to pull them out because even though I only wear them one or two times a year for 20 minutes, for that occasion they are perfect. Specifically, when I go attend the theater/opera/concert, you have to park far away and I can slip these on, change into my heels at the door, and put them in a small tote or larger purse. So even though they don’t get a lot of use (which was my main reason for purging), they are just what I need for those 20 minutes.

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  2. My work capsule comes to mind: I have to wear black pants and black or white on top.
    I actually bought all the pieces at the Thrift shop (where I volunteer), but because they are worn regularly the CPW is low anyway.
    I usually wear a pair of old Mary Jane style shoes with the pants, and they are now kept exclusively for work.
    If I left this job they would all be purged, but for the moment they are perfect!
    Good Luck with your job search Mo- would a stint of volunteering to give you relevant experience be helpful?


    • I also have ‘black and whites’ for banquet work. Mine are demoted older pieces from my wardrobe (like 15 yr old pants and a 10 yr old shirt!) but they were once faves, so I enjoy wearing them. They are either too out of fashion or in poor condition for regular wear now, but for the job at hand they do. I would be less happy with new items that were basic black chinos and a boxy shirt. These feel like ‘me’ even if they are the past, 30 something me, ha!


  3. Chin up Mo! It’s still a rough go out there in terms of work, especially away from major city centers. Last year I had 21 interviews (some seconds and thirds) in about four months and only got offered one subpar job. So I’m subbing instead and enjoying the freedom. You’re a catch. Something will fall into place.

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