When favorites fade

I have been tossing things as I come across them since moving home recently.  I had a lot of cold weather clothing that made no sense for my time in Florida, and so they stayed packed away in the Tahoe closet for a good year.  I’m unearthing old treasures as I go.

And a lot of them are getting passed on.  Either the once fashionable snugger fit is feeling way too close now, or they’re not in as good a condition as I thought.  Some, it’s just that I’ve moved on from the styles gradually and didn’t really notice until a full 2 winter seasons had passed.  This is to be expected.  We evolve, and styles change subtly every year.

What I’m trying to fight is the urge to replace once favorite things with either a newer, ‘better’ version, or in some cases, trying to find a near exact replacement. eBay has made this possible more than ever in my lifetime.  It’s like trying to make lightning strike twice.  And rationally, I know it’s kind of chasing my tail and not moving me forward, but boy is it a hard urge to shake!

For instance, I had this tunic/dress from Express I loved.  LOVED.  And it shrank the very first wash.  I tried to keep it going.  Put it over pants instead of leggings.  No go.  Decided I needed to donate it after a few failed attempts at styling it.  And then I started searching.  Not actively hunting, but ‘just keeping an eye out’ for a similar item.  This has gone on for well over a year and a half!  I even have a similar dress in a shopping cart that’s been there for a couple of months now.  No lie.  http://www.swell.com/ProdImg.rsp?prodID=P00027VW  But I have not pulled the trigger.  I think that quiet little rational voice tells me it will end up feeling like a consolation prize, second best, runner up.  I’m better off just moving on, and enjoying the few times I got to wear the blue tunic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m running up against a handful of other items – a graphic tee that’s bodycon but I love the saying, a sweaterdress that’s much too snug now in the armpits – and my mind starts churning on how I can prolong the love affair. Cut out and sew the motto to a new, looser tee?  Buy that exact design all over again on a newer, modern fit tee? (It’s out there, I looked – of course).  Find a raglan sleeve sweater dress to take the place of the too snug one?  But should I?  When do you let go and move on?  Is wanting to replace favorites keeping us in the past or is it staying true to one’s style?  I don’t know.  It seems it’s so hard to find just the right ______ that when their time has come it’s so hard to just purge and be done.

Do you close the chapter on old favorites and gleefully look forward to what new things you can add to your wardrobe?  Or do you mourn the loss of old friends and start to scheme on ways to recreate the magic?  If so, has it worked out or is it an exercise in frustration?


2 thoughts on “When favorites fade

  1. I am always sad to close the chapter on old favorites. Here’s a recent example: In the fall of 2011, 2012, and 2013, Ann Taylor offered a faux-wrap knit top. I bought several colors each year, as they were extremely flattering and versatile in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, the older tops got worn-looking and the quality of the 2013 was just not there. So, now I’m down to one good top.
    Fortunately, Talbots offered a similar style this year and I bought four colors. The fabric is much more substantial, and I hope they’ll be workhorses again in my wardrobe. Recently I happened to notice that Ann Taylor is offering “my” top again. It’s been so hard to resist buying new colors. But since I was not satisfied with last year’s quality, I’m going to pass and be on the lookout for something new.
    Good topic!

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  2. I’m pretty stoic when it’s time to toss. And if something has seemed subpar in quality I’m brutal. I cut that line or brand off cold turkey. But I do give really beloved items a second life as household lounge wear or garden chore wear if they’re comfortable enough. Then I can enjoy them tatty and worn when I’m cooking, canning, weeding or painting fence posts!


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