Rambling. Transitions.

Upon rereading, I see that my Friday post is a little disjointed.  As I mentioned at the start, the post I’d had scheduled vanished.  I should have elaborated a bit more on that.  The transition period I’m in in my life was aligning perfectly with my end of year budget shortage that meant no more shopping.  It made a lot of sense, seeing as how I had no idea what job I’d be doing, therefore what type of clothing to even be shopping for.
No sense buying black sneakers for hours of being on your feet if you end up behind a desk greeting people in business casual wear!  Conversely, if I end up back in food and beverage, flushing out a capsule with smart skirts and dress shirts makes just about as much sense.  So, being on hold for financial reasons was secondary to the fact that I was in fact on hold in life. Not sure which road I will be taking.  Still not sure, but a lot more hopeful after talking to a couple of folks I applied with.

Moreover, the job I’ve been returning to for the last 10 years of moves to FL and back, and worked steadily 10 years prior to that, is not available.  I didn’t realize how much of an anchor, and actually central to my life in a lot of ways, it was.  Not just a job, but also my social outlet in many ways.  When tending bar, friends you’ve known for years stop in and you have an evening to catch up with them, all while working and getting paid!  Now I have to make the plans to meet up specifically with who I want to see.  I know that’s how most people operate but I took for granted my built in social network through my job.
That, and not knowing if now is the time to switch out of that line of work to try something new for the next chapter of my life, has me feeling a bit adrift.  Moving back home after a year away is not to be discounted in the disruption department either!

All this to say I am in transition in life.  Transition often necessitates a wardrobe change up.  It would be silly to shop for what I think might be coming, instead of actually shopping for what I need as I find out.  So, yes, I am out of budgeted funds anyway, but if I weren’t I still should be proceeding with caution before making purchases.  The whole idea is to buy what you will wear.  If I have no idea what job I’ll be doing, it’s pretty hard to predict what I will wear lol.

So, as I’d had these thoughts scheduled to post, one job called to say they could use me for banquets on call, and the other said their reference check person was on vacation and that’s why I couldn’t get anyone on the line or hadn’t heard back.  On call banquets start in 2 weeks and hope to get part time with the retail in about the same time period.  The irony of this finally happening after a couple weeks of waiting and wondering, just the night before the post about not knowing my job future, wasn’t lost on me.  And then the post vanished.  I typed up yesterday’s in it’s place and maybe it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, with the first one missing.

Whew. Okay, so that’s my story.  Still on hold with the shopping, but I have a much clearer idea of what I might need, as relates to my work wear.  Comfortable black shoes are definitely on the list 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rambling. Transitions.

  1. I completely understand that feeling, Mo. I know I don’t have the accompanying mid-life reflecting but I feel a kindred spirit in you. When I was doing contract work I felt like not only did I have to budget within an inch of my life until the next project was secured, even when I had money I never felt like I should be spending it on my wardrobe because my needs were bound to change with each job. I invested heavily in interview wear, which I’m grateful to have as it often saves my butt in a pinch, but I rarely wear it. Sometimes I wonder if I’d had had a functioning wardrobe already if I would have felt the need to buy things that are so blatantly NOT ME like a white button down.

    I think it is very smart to sit and wait, as hard as that is. I’m hoping that come September when I’m back on the job market (or better yet switching to one of the two jobs I have feelers out on) I will feel less pressure because I will have appropriate clothes that I can tweak from there.

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  2. Funny you should reply today. I JUST, and I mean just, ordered black pants that can be used for my banquet job and the other job I’m likely to get (drug testing this week). I tried my best to get a pair I would enjoy wearing on ‘me’ time and not just that would fill the uniform requirement. Skinny version from AE, not the typical Target type uniform chinos 😉


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