Freaky Friday or financial fess-up?

I had a post saved about my shopping being done until the end of the year, and its coinciding with life transition and uncertainty as to my career path.  Oddly, within 12 hours of writing it, I got a lead on 2 different jobs (I think the universe was eavesdropping) and the post seems to have disappeared!  At any rate, I can’t find it.  Weird.

I had a limit of $2,000 for this year’s budget.  I include all the nitty gritty – alterations, return postage fees, undies, workout gear, layer tanks, clothing that I buy with gift money.  All of it.  It’s very clear right off the bat that my big splurge of Vince leather/suede pants skewed my budget.  They were $319, discounted from $1440.  Further alterations were $70.  By far the most expensive thing in my closet.  And I L O V E them like you can’t imagine.Vince leather They were worth every penny.  The rest of my budget had to be adjusted.  And that’s okay.  I treat my budget as a living thing and it shifts as items appear.  Nothing is etched perfectly in stone.  It does, however, leave me with no funds left by the first week of November.

Actually, truth be told, I am over by about $8 as it stands today, counting a resale balance against my totals. (I sold a trench coat but used most of the proceeds towards alteration of a blazer’s sleeves, leaving $10 surplus.) The red wool coat I scored a few weeks ago ended up getting returned.  I found a different coat, though, that was $50 more, which is what put me over my allotted amount.  Still a very good price for a long wool coat.  I researched ahead of time what the return fee would be, should I not like it, and it’s just $7.  That’s a fair price of admission.  Heck, it would take me that in gas to drive to the nearest department store and back.

  2014 shopping budget

My 2014 clothing budget

I’m barely over budget, but over nonetheless.  The bottom line is, I am out of budgeted cash until next year.  I still have some things I want.  I could get by without them, but I want them all the same.  Part of me is already bargaining – if you start work, you can reward yourself with ______.  Or, flat comfortable black shoes would be very handy for ______ job on your feet for hours.  But I can do without for 6 weeks.  I can.  I don’t want to.  But I should.

For me, the idea of the moderate wardrobe is to wear what you have and buy what you will wear, and not much more.  Yes, I do buy things simply because I like them (one could argue no one needs leather pants) but overall I want to keep the buying under control.  When I thought I might still be out of work until the new year, it was easier for me to tell myself no more shopping.  Now that I am going to be doing some banquets next month for sure, and likely starting part time in fashion retail, I find myself making up reasons I could shop . . .  Oh the (mind) games we play!  I know I can do it, but I’ve said before I’m no fan of shopping bans.  This is a major reason I hope to have a better shopping plan in place for next year.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday or financial fess-up?

    • For the most part, willpower. Sometimes I’ll try mind games. Make a mini wardrobe challenge for myself or the like. I don’t care for the feeling of restriction, much like when dieting. That’s why I hope to change my shopping into a more seasonal thing next year, instead of doling out little treats every week or two. It’s like you get yourself used to expecting a package every XXX days or a trip to the stores to ogle the new pretty things each weekend. Bad habits!!
      Mostly I try and remind myself I have all that I need and still can’t possibly wear everything that I have as much as I’d like to. That usually smacks me upside the figurative head a bit.
      I’m in such a weird place in life right now with my job of 20+ years not being there to fall back on. Things have shifted and I need to shift with them.


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