Format – Frequency – Feedback

Since I’m just getting the ball rolling on this, I got to wondering if I should try to set up some basic parameters.

Not sure how much back and forth anybody would like in the comments section.  Or if readers would like me to pose more questions in my posts themselves.

Also thinking on content each week.  A majority of my thoughts are on maintaining a wardrobe, but I was debating having perhaps one outfit post a week. I also think health and fitness is a part of wardrobe maintenance, as maintaining your clothing size goes a long way in being able to plan purchases!

I have not put in many pictures and wondered if anyone had preference either way on that. I certainly can (for instance the oversaturation post could have included my wardrobe items described to illustrate the rule).

What I don’t want to do is come out like gangbusters and then disappear to one post a month.  But I don’t want to put something up just because it’s Tuesday and the page is blank lol.  I’d like to post because I have something I want to say and share.

I was thinking of perhaps 3 posts a week consisting of say, Maintenance Mondays (tips and discussions on how to keep a manageable closet), Wardrobe Wednesdays (just an alliterative way to say outfit pic of the week lol), rounded out with Fitness Fridays?  Or is this painting myself into a corner too much?  Maybe it is.  Hmmm, will have to think on that.

Let me know what you’d rather read about or see here.  Maybe no one cares to read any fitness on a fashion blog, that’s understandable!   Perhaps everyone would like a response to comments, I can try and do that as well.  Let me know – I’m all ears 😀


16 thoughts on “Format – Frequency – Feedback

  1. I think your three posts a week is a great way to start. As wardrobe management is your core topic so by all means, once a week is great. And the outfit posts on Wednesdays makes sense because you can put into practice some of your management concepts. After all, what point is a well-managed closet if it doesn’t result in great-looking, functional outfits that make you happy?

    As for the fitness Fridays, it’s your blog so go for it! Fitness is not one of my core interests but maybe it should be. 😉

    Of course, you can change your format at any time. I do think engaging your readers for feedback is the way to do it, just as you have here.

    In general, more pictures too. I’d have loved to have seen the three ballet flats you used as an example (although I can understand if you purged some, why that would not be possible).

    While I’m here, I thought I would ask something that could be the topic of one of your management posts. On one of last week’s posts you discuss, in the comments section, wanting to replace things when they are worn out, rather than when you tire of them. I am interested in furthering this discussion. When is something worn out? For example, I have a pashmina shawl in a buttery yellow that I never use. I finally decided it would make a nice shawl for bed, just to throw around my shoulders when I am reading or on my laptop. Well, my cat immediately decided to put her claws in it and now it has several snags. Is it worn out? Or does something have to be falling apart? I wear things out really quickly I think, especially shoes. My tees get stained (coffee) and pilled quickly. My jeans last better due to the durable nature of denim. Finally — devil’s advocate — what is wrong with simply feeling a style is worn out — for me. That item that is in good condition, I can either consign or donate.


    • Yes, great point on the subjectivity of it all. For me, worn out means what you describe – stained, faded, pilled, stretched, what have you. And absolutely many of my purged items are still just because I’m tired of the style. Nothing wrong with that, in moderation. My issue, and I’m sure many others who tend to overbuy, is when nothing is truly worn out by the time the purge comes along. Caring for our clothing factors in, too. I plan a post on this actually.
      As for the ballet flats, I bet there is a pic somewhere in the bowels of the YLF archives but goodness knows how to find it LOL. But I did start to think maybe visuals could be helpful vs. just descriptions.


  2. It is an interesting one….there are some things that are hard to wear once they look faded or have a stain, such as a smart dress or white shirt. Other things seem to be okay to be rougher, or worn, such as jeans or even a pair of converse.

    I like a relatively simple closet. My black jacket is now tired, it is stretched at the neck and I have had to repair under the arm pit. I now feel it is only suitable for very casual wear, it is 3-4 years old and looked this way to me half way through this winter. Next autumn this is a must buy item…the old one will either stay for the winter for errands and casual wear, or it will be cut unto rags. I am happy as I am tired of it and want a new one, but this has had great wear. It is too tired to hand on. This is how I hope to manage my closet. I do not always succeed!

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    • Sounds like a gradual progression of wear of an item, to be totally expected in a well worn wardrobe! Loved to death is how I’d like most of my pieces to ‘go out’ 😉 Well done.
      And of course, distressed jeans are going to look more appropriate if the hems start to fray a bit vs dress trousers, for example. I think we all pretty much know when something isn’t up to snuff anymore. Demoting to in the house wear or weekend grubby jobs is a great way to get a little more life out of things if they are not yet ready to toss but not quite presentable for public consumption anymore.


  3. Yes, some pictures would be great too, and there are heaps of examples you could use, even when your particular item is long gone!
    3 posts per week would be fine with me.
    Like CL I am most interested in your wardrobe management posts, and with time constraints would be more than happy to have a weekly reminder about keeping my closet in Moderate shape 🙂


  4. I thought I would pop back in and list some of the wardrobe management topics I hope you cover in more detail. 1) Mistakes and how best to deal with them. 2) Compromise vs. holding out for perfection. 3) Color palettes. 4) Closet edit strategies. 5) Capsules — yay or nay? Of course, if you have a different plan and these topics do not interest you, that is fine too. 🙂

    And to your comment, I think we all know when things are worn out — I would find it interesting how each of us defines this. I may play mind games. If I really love something, I will find reasons to keep wearing it. For example, a favorite Costco white shirt which was becoming so thin from repeat washing that I had wear it with a cami. Only a pen mark pushed me to the point of purging, and even then I am thinking maybe I can layer a sweater over it. If I don’t love it, a small grease stain is plenty of reason to purge.

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  5. Aha – it could be said that you DO know when an item is past its prime but talk yourself out of demoting it if you love it. I think many of us justify things in our closets – from price (it was such a deal) to size (it will fit 3 pounds from now) to what shape it’s in (I’ll just add a cami under this threadbare shirt 😉 ). That’s an issue unto itself!
    I’ll think on some of the topics you raised, thank you. I’m ambivalent on capsules. I think it takes a certain type of mind or closet to put into practice successfully. Or maybe *I* just don’t really get it and everyone else does!


  6. Hi Mo, I’m glad you are blogging. I like the idea of three posts a week and the alliterative topics. I’ll be interested to hear more about fitness Fridays especially. I appreciate your thoughts on wardrobe management and of course it will be nice to see some outfits as well.

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  7. I’m also cheering you on! I’ll be checking in to see how it goes. I think the idea of themed days (Fitness Fridays, etc) is a great one. Just don’t make too much work for yourself. 🙂

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  8. I have always enjoyed your posts on the YLF forum because they were always so informative and thought provoking. I am thrilled to see that you started your own blog.


  9. I think you should post however much you feel like posting – it’s your blog so do what you want. 🙂 I do like your themed days idea, even the fitness because I really need to step up in that department, lol. As far as posting outfit pics, I’d love it if you did so. Like you mention it’s really hard to find actual real life outfits that are casual in nature. I’m mostly a homebody and go grocery shopping or errand running. I still like to look put together but casual!

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  10. Happy you are blogging bc always liked your comments on Gretchen’s site and YLF. I would like to be notified via email when you post if possible. Blog when you like, I’ll be reading!


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