Your Audience

Who are you dressing for?  Many need to comply to a work dress code of sorts, but beyond that, don’t we want folks to see us in a certain way?  Isn’t that at least part of what amassing a wardrobe and honing in on a personal style are about?

For those who work from home or stay home in other capacities, getting dressed can slip by the wayside.  You can find yourselves still in your PJ’s at noon (raising hand over here) or fall back on lounge wear as your most worn clothing capsule instead of a small portion of a well rounded closet.  I sometimes find myself in this category.  When I am off work for a time and don’t need to go out of the house every day I tend to not want to wear my ‘good things’.  This is a very common theme and I’m not alone in ‘saving’ the good clothes.  If there is no one to see it, why wear it out unnecessarily, right?  Sure, feeling good in what you wear has value but there is no denying that it’s a hurdle for many of us.

But I found out an interesting thing about myself the other day.  I did have a reason to get dressed up.  I went on a dinner date with the BF to celebrate the 13th anniversary of our first date.  It was at a steakhouse and he wore a nice sport coat, dress slacks, the works.  We do still live in a pretty casual area, so even without the tie he was the most dressed up man there.  I wore a jacquard metallic skirt and cutout booties with a cashmere modal blend tee. Cropped tux jacket to top it off.  Loved my outfit.  Here’s the thing – I missed that I didn’t get to share it with others.  Yes, I looked nice for my BF, and for myself.  But historically we would stop by a pub for an after dinner drink when we’d go out to a nice dinner.  At the pub would be friends and coworkers and we’d visit and cap the night off that way.  It is being remodeled and is closed at the moment.  So we had no after dinner stop off.  We simply went home.

I had no idea, until it was taken away, how much I enjoyed sharing my look with my friends!  Not in a ‘look at me’ kind of way, but in a ‘look, we’re having fun dressed up together’ kind of way, if that makes sense.  Even though dinner was the main reason for our outfits, the after dinner socializing had become a part of an evening out’s experience.  I didn’t realize that I’d miss having others see my look.  My audience wasn’t there.


5 thoughts on “Your Audience

  1. I’ve been checking back multiple times to see if you had another post up. 🙂 I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to cap off your evening with friends. For me, the psychological boost of a proper outfit is greater than the comfort of lounge clothes, so I always change and feel much better for it.

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  2. Alasse, good point! And I try to remember that I also dress for me, but I can’t deny that dressing for others is a big part of the joy in it for me personally. Maybe that makes me kinda shallow that way lol. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it . . . 🙂


  3. I am a bit envious that you have nailed your personal style and know what works. Congratulations on the anniversary. It sounds like a nice evening and I am sure you looked great .

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  4. Thanks Cheryle. I did really enjoy the outfit I put together. Thinking on this a little last night I realized it’s just when BF and I get ‘dressed up’ for a night out. Going about my business, grocery shopping or running errands around town I don’t have an ‘audience’ in mind. I know the world at large is everyone’s audience when you get right down to it, but as long as I’m dressed appropriately I don’t really concern myself much with this, more vague notion of audience.


  5. It’s great to see you blogging! I’m subscribing.

    Realizing my lack of audience a few months ago helped me relax when it comes to style. I had gotten to a point where planning my outfits (or next purchase!) was all-consuming and it wasn’t fun anymore. Though, I really wish I had a reason to dress nicer. This is a temporary phase in my life; working from home and raising young children, so I know at some point I’ll have an audience again… or I’ll get to a point where I don’t mind not having one. (Though I doubt that will ever happen, LOL!)

    I did post a pic on YLF yesterday, which I hadn’t done in ages, in response to another thread. It was a vastly different experience than before. I didn’t dress for the purpose of taking a photo that would be public. I dressed for “nice comfort” because it was for church, but also with the plan that I would be comfortable enough not to change when I got home. When I decided to take the pic, I immediately felt the look wouldn’t pass the test of being good enough, but I was happy in it!


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