Outfit – a day in the life

Many of you know me from frequenting other blogs.  Those who do know I’ve recently moved back home to Tahoe from FL.  Each have their dressing challenges due to climate, but both have a decidedly casual environment.  My wardrobe numbers I feel are partly due to continuing moves between these opposing climates.  I’m pretty sure if I stuck in one place more than a year, I could happily dress for all my needs and wants with 100 items. But until I am certain that I’m staying put, I will continue to have as many dresses as sweaters and sandals as boots.  That’s okay.

Anyway, for those who’ve really only seen FL outfits from me, here is a day in the life in Tahoe.  As is par for the course, this is an average day of grocery shopping and a visit to the WBMIL (my BF’s mom’s).  I lead a casual life, and finally dressing for it (and not buying pretty things that just weren’t appropriate) is a huge lesson for me.  To be stylish and casual isn’t as easy as it may seem.  Somehow dressing up – heels, jewels, fine fabrics – automatically makes you appear ‘stylish’.  Now, to put jeans and a tee together with flair is not as easy.  Now I sound like I’m tooting my own horn.  Sorry.  I just have a bit of a thing with casual getting dissed in the fashion world.  Onward!

I’m still battling with lighting in October and will have to work on it.  I know the pics aren’t great.  I thought it would be good to get a sense of my wardrobe consists of, though.

The top was a recent clothing swap score that has a neat faux leather stripe up the back.  Jeans are Vigoss via Nordstrom.   I was searching high and low for BF jeans when I spied a pair on a customer at my bar one Saturday.  Complimented her and asked about them.  Pays to tell folks when you like what they’re wearing! 😉  Rounded out with zip detail booties by Chinese Laundry and an H&M anorak. The necklace was from a southern discount store, Beall’s Outlet.   The Fossil Sutter crossbody is my daily bag.  That’s another thing about me; I’m not much on accessories.  I have a handful, I like them, I wear them, the end.


4 thoughts on “Outfit – a day in the life

  1. So true that we should compliment others more often, just as we enjoy compliments ourselves!
    Agree that it is more challenging to dress casual/stylish- love your Fossil cross body bag here.

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