The numbers

I have several posts on another blog – You Look Fab – that are very much in line with the thoughts I want to share here.  I thought it might be good background to link to them.  Some reading to get going 🙂


5 thoughts on “The numbers

  1. That was a real eye opening post for me and I’ve had a separate bookmark for it ever since I first read it. Many years ago now I had an enormous amount of clothing and realized that if I were going to use it (else what’s it *for*?) I would have to condemn myself to a lifetime of days spent changing my clothing! I”m eager to see where this new focus of yours leads.

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  2. I think for most of us who enjoy clothes in fashion, that we purge for reasons other than the item wearing out (item is dated, item does not fit well, closet orphan etc)…so these numbers help us realise how much we possibly could wear them. Outfits I love I happily repeat once every week, but others are more like every third. I look forward to reading your blog Mo! Cheers Sally (aka Kiwigal)

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  3. I’m really interested in this concept right now because I’m trying to figure out when to quit! Basically I’m building from nearly scratch and have been operating in the “wear it out in a year” zone for so long I don’t know what is really reasonable and/or too much for me. I know that I want to get away from having my purchases last 1-2 seasons at the most but am for the first time dealing with the fear that I won’t like things next year. That plays into my fear that I may be buying too much or spending too much or too little on pieces (another fear is going too cheap and having to repeat the navy sweater search in 2015). I think I’d like to have enough clothes to not have to keep them in a “red shirt, blue shirt, purple shirt” rotation due to laundry.

    That said, I am operating in a near laundry deficit. I’d ideally like to get my wash frequency down to 1x a week so I don’t spend 4 nights a week dealing with laundry (1 wash, 1 fold, 1 wash, 1 fold) since I hang dry. Hang drying complicates this for me. Instead of needing 8 outfits to get through a week I need nine, because one will be dirty and the other 7 won’t be dry yet! Even then, I have to plan my weeks very carefully and get laundry done Thursday night, otherwise I won’t have clean dry clothes to pack up to spend the weekend away, or for work on Monday. Plus, I have to plan around special events.

    Then you add in that I feel a need to look “dressed” for gallery openings and events, requiring “special” items.

    I think you might be able to see how this could get out of hand, and that doesn’t cover party clothes, 2 seasons worth of items, interview clothes, wedding guest clothing, gear, loungewear, etc.


    • Elly, you are coming at this from the building phase whereas I, and other over shoppers, are coming at it from the side of having too much and wanting to pare down to what we will really use and wear.
      I don’t have a whole lot of insight into building, as I’ve never had trouble with that – quite the opposite! I had 20+ years of clothes continually amassing before I realize purging was a thing, and closets should be maintained, not just stuffed.
      Perhaps you might start in breaking down your needs into very basic capsules and flushing those out slowly over time, as budget allows and items catch your eye?


  4. This was always one of my favorite posts on the YLF forum. It really got me thinking. Since I do track how often I wear an item using a spreadsheet, I decided to review and compare my numbers to yours. I reached similar conclusions. I am trying to use this information for evaluating future purchases.

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