Gotta start somewhere

I had been toying with the idea of a blog for a while now.  I have a definite interest in fashion and clothes, but from a slightly different angle than most blogs I’ve been frequenting.  I get a little of what I’m looking for from each of several I keep coming back to, but none of them are precisely what I’m interested in.  Hence, this attempt to share my viewpoint on fashion and shopping.

I’m not a minimalist.  I also don’t chase every new trend down and indulge in hauls.  I’m a moderate.  Doesn’t sound too exciting written out like that.  No big ‘hook’.  Just the reality of me managing my closet, my budget, and in no small part my relationship – through conscientious shopping.

At this stage, my closet set point is around 150 items.  This is plenty.  Maybe too much.  But not outrageous by any means.  Includes every coat, jacket, shoe.  Just not accessories, of which I don’t have many anyway.

My yearly budget has been between $1500 to $2000 over the last several years.  Just so you get an idea of where I’m coming from.  I do have some designer names and pieces, but I have some Old Navy and Target, too.  I live a pretty casual life with the wardrobe to match.

I tend towards number crunching and analytics, so be forewarned!  I find playing with the numbers fun and not a necessary framework to stay within at all costs.  If I aim for 15 dresses, but have 17, that’s fine.  Who’s coming to get me?  The closet police?

Welcome, if you’re still reading LOL.  I might be chatting with myself for a while, and that’s cool with me too, in a way.  But if you come along I hope you join in and share your management strategies and successes and any enlightening moments along the way!


16 thoughts on “Gotta start somewhere

  1. I came late to the party. A special thanks to Cocolion for pointing out that you now have a blog. Because I love numbers and number crunching, I will follow with great interest.

    I am very visual. I love the opening picture on your blog. Hangers gorgeous. Colors gorgeous. Alignment perfect. I yearn to have a closet that looks very similar to the picture.


    • Aw thanks! That is my actual closet. Last year, anyway. It looks much the same now though. So happy to see you drop in! Thanks for all the thoughtful comments 🙂


  2. I’ve loved reading your comments on Recovering Shopaholic and found you through there today. I’m another who’s looking forward to following your new blog!


  3. Count me in! Congratulations, I have read many of your comments on the blogs of others. I laude your approach and your courage. Go get em!


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